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A Little Nookie?

You'll never believe this, but I saw Dave at the Nook tonight. Of course, he had a burger, because you just cannot go to the Nook without having a burger. I mean, why else would you go there? He was there with this really hot girl, so of course, I was jealous. But you know, shold I really expect anything less from Dave? I also found out that he is not a fan of mayo, because he ordered the burger without chipotle mayo (I gave the waitress $5 to tell me what he ordered!) Yes, a Lodge burger without chipotle mayo. hmmm, I wonder if he orders that particular burger because he likes the burger or if he just can't do without the lettuce and tomato? I can only wonder. I certainly didn't get too close to the table since he was with such a gorgeous girl! What else would one expect of Dave?
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