wannaberedneck (wannaberedneck) wrote in notadave,

A Day with Dave is Like...

A day with Dave is like a day at the park, lying in the sun, hearing the birds chirping, reading the latest edition of City Pages and planning out what bands to go see once the sun is set.

A day with Dave is like taking a monster bubble bath in a huge tub and watching the bubbles flow over the edge, drawing dangerously close to the carpeting and not even caring, because the joy of frolicking in the bubbles is just so intoxicating, you are bubble drunk. A day with Dave is like having no where in particular to go, browsing through a gift shop, making fun of everything cheesy and appreciating every clever item, knowing that you can do this all day if you want...but also knowing that you don't want to.

A day with Dave is a day I love having.
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