eveodestruction (eveodestruction) wrote in notadave,

Many Journeys, Many Thoughts of Dave

Hello fellow Dave lovers,

I have not dropped off the face of the planet, I've merely been traveling it. I've been to Iceland, France and all over the US in the past weeks. I'm sure it comes as no surprise, that Dave is loved in all of these places. In fact Atlanta, GA has Dave FM!

The whole time I was away from home, I never felt alone because I saw reflections of Davitude constantly. From the Icelanders covering their car with flowers for no apparent reason to the old lady in Phoenix ordering her In N Out burger animal style - Dave was everywhere.

This all being said, it's good to be back. And I do love you all, but not as much as Dave. I can pretty much say I love Dave 2/3 more than anyone else. More than my grandma, more than my cat and even more than Santa!
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