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notadave SIGHTING...Halloween style!

It was Halloween day and I was sitting at my desk, NOT dressed up as I would usually be on Halloween, because I work at a stuffy, no fun office, when the phone rang. I answered as usual. It was the front desk. They said I had a visitor. Having the advantage of working in the loft area of my office, I quietly crept to the overlook to spy on who might be visiting me. I did not recognize the individual and was perplexed, curious and excited, all at once. Who could this stranger be coming to visit me on Halloween? I cautiously descended the staircase, trying to figure who would come asking for me by name. As I came up behind this visitor, he turned around and who was this before me? Why, it was notadave! In the flesh. I laughed for what seemed an eternity, because when I get giddy, I really just fall into a stupor of laughter. He presented me with his card, as my mouth ramained agape. Yes, it was a first-edition notadave membership card.

My knees got weak and I started to sweat. Why would notadave, the man himself, come to see me in person? He had heard I was his biggest fan! A Dave-portunity I shall never forget!
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