fhmfamine (fhmfamine) wrote in notadave,

He's so dreamy!

I remember playing on the same softball team as The Dave. It was such an experience, and his positive attitude made us all feel like winners. We even went so far as to try to name the team the Rockstars in his honor, but like the giving, loving soul that he is, Dave would hear none of that. We were a team, even if we were all there mostly to Oooh and Aaah over his every stunning play at first, second, third, home, or the outfield.

It's possible I'm a little gay for The Dave. After all, if you can't be him (and really, who could?), you can at least love him for all his splendor. Thanks, Dave, for letting me know just how good of a person I can be if I act just as you do!
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